Cricut Design Space Guide

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JUST UPDATED (January 2024) for the updated Cricut Design Space.

Need help with your Cricut? If so, then you need to learn how to fully use Design Space. Design Space is where all the magic happens. If you can design it, you can cut it with your Cricut!

Stop spending time searching for tutorials every time you want to make a project. This Cricut Design Space Guide contains over 70 pages with easy step-by-step instructions for all the popular tasks you can do (for both your desktop/laptop and phone/tablet!), including:

  • How To Install Cricut Design Space
  • Connecting Your Cricut to Bluetooth
  • Start a New Project and Open Saved Projects
  • Save and Share Projects
  • How To Use Templates
  • How To Attach and When to Use Attach
  • Grouping and Un Grouping
  • Save Fonts to Use Offline
  • How To Weld and Weld vs. Attach
  • Master the Combine Tools: Subtract, Intersect & Exclude
  • Slice Tool – How to Cut an Image Out of Another
  • The difference between Slice & Subtract
  • How to Use the Cricut Combine Features
  • How To Remove Parts of a Design with Contour
  • Rename and Organize Your Layers
  • How To Change and Resize Font
  • How To Fix Script Font
  • How To Change Letter Space
  • How To Curve Text
  • Align and Distribute Objects
  • Using Colors and Patterns
  • How To Create a Split Letter Monogram
  • How To Make a Script Monogram
  • Selecting Your Line type and Tools Needed
  • Settings For Writing with Cricut Pens
  • How To Score with Stylus or Wheel
  • How To Reposition Your Mat and Cut Multiple Colors on the Same Mat
  • When To Mirror and How to Mirror
  • How To Flatten an Image
  • How To Print Then Cut
  • How To Add Your Own Cut Lines When Your Cricut Can’t Automatically Detect Them
  • How To Upload SVG Files
  • How To Upload JPG, PNG and GIF Files
  • How To Erase a Background from an Image
  • How To Resize an Image
  • Modify Custom Material Settings
  • Add Outlines to Objects and Text with Offset
  • How To Save and Share a Project
  • How To Use SnapMat
  • Guide to Cricut Mats – When to Use Each Mat
  • Cricut Maker Blades – Which One Do You Need?
  • Cheat Sheet for Popular Tasks
  • Vinyl Cheat Sheet – Which Vinyl for Which Project
  • And More!

This book was last updated January 2024 and covers all of the latest Cricut Design Space changes! Once you purchase the Cricut Design Space Guide, you will automatically get all updates and new versions of this book.

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